Custom Chocolate Logos

Give your Business, Organization, Team, School or corporate logosEvent a Touch of Class!

Have your company name or logo reproduced in pure Belgian Chocolate!

Individually foil wrapped pieces are perfect for handouts at Open Houses, Receptions, Trade-Shows, and during sales calls. Pieces may also be enclosed with quotes or letters.

Custom Corporate Gift Packages Available

corporate logo chocolatesIn addition to individual use, the pieces can be sized for packing in boxes of assorted chocolates. Our helpful staff can discuss your needs, and personalize a box and logo sizing for you.These boxes are perfect for Customer or Employee "Thank-you," recognition and corporate Christmas gifts. Boxes are available in ½ lb., 1 lb., 1½ lb, 2 lb., 3 lb. and 5 lb. sizes.

A custom-packed box, with your name right on the chocolates keeps your name/logo visible to remind your customer of your thoughtfulness. Compare this to the standard "off-the-shelf" box, with your business card attached ... once the box has been opened, the card falls off, and the recipient forgets who gave the box. Not so if your logo is on the actual pieces of chocolate! These boxes will bring you greater customer recognition as your customer remembers you longer, and realizes that you have given their gift that extra time and attention, rather than making a quick impulse purchase.


corp logosWhat We Need From You...

Just provide us with a sharp black and white .jpg or .pdf file (or an extremely clear/sharp [Laser] Black & White copy) of the words and logo you wish to have reproduced. Artwork should be actual size or larger.

When designing your wording, remember that phone numbers, addresses, etc. may change in future, which would require a new mold to be developed, and would incur another development charge.

How Long Does it Take?

Normally from the time we receive artwork, to when we have chocolates produced, is about three weeks. This would be the expected time frame for orders of 2500 pieces or less. For larger runs it may take longer than three weeks to complete the entire order, but a portion would be ready within this time frame.

What Does It All Cost?

corp logos

An initial (one-time) Mold Development Fee starting at $300.00 (for sizes up to 3" x 4") plus the price per chocolate -- this will vary according to dimensions and shapes.

Please call for a quotation on your specific size.


gold swirls

For current pricing please call our store at (403) 262-2566 or office at (403) 283-4612